We understand that a day at a luxury Hilton Head spa should be a memorable experience, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Whether you’re a seasoned spa-goer or new to the world of indulgence, these top tips will ensure your visit to our Austrian Moor-inspired day spa is an unforgettable one.

Plan Ahead for a Stress-Free Arrival
Start your spa day on the right foot by planning ahead. Ensure you know your appointment time and arrive a little early to unwind in our tranquil lounge area. Use this time to sip on herbal tea or infused water and embrace the calming ambiance of our spa.

Embrace the Moor Ritual
At Moor Spa Hilton Head, we take pride in our unique Austrian Moor treatments. These therapies, rich in natural minerals and organic substances, have been used for centuries for their rejuvenating benefits. Opt for an Austrian Moor treatment, like an Eartherapy Mud Bath, to experience the essence of our spa’s specialty.

Customize Your Experience
Don’t hesitate to communicate your preferences to our experienced staff. Whether you desire a firmer touch during your massage or specific areas of focus during a facial, your spa experience is about you. Our expert therapists are here to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. We also offer treatment add-ons such as singing bowl therapy, LED light therapy enhancement, and calming scalp massages.

Disconnect from the World
A visit to our luxury spa in Hilton Head is a chance to escape the demands of the outside world. Disconnect from your devices and embrace the serenity of the spa. We encourage you to fully relax and be present in the moment.

Explore All Our Offerings
While our Austrian Moor treatments are truly unique, be sure to explore the array of spa services we offer. From hot stone massages to soothing foot baths, our day spa provides an array of indulgent options. You might discover a new favorite treatment to return to in the future.

Plan for Post-Spa Relaxation
After your spa treatments, give yourself some time to fully return to the world. Sip on a cup of herbal tea, listen to relaxing music, or simply recline and savor the sense of calm you’ve cultivated during your spa day.

At Moor Spa Hilton Head, we’ve integrated Austrian Moor into many of our signature spa treatments, including facials, body treatments, and massages, to ensure that you reap all the incredible benefits this natural wonder has to offer. Our skilled therapists and estheticians tailor each session to your unique needs, leaving you refreshed and revitalized. But the Moor experience doesn’t have to end at our spa: we offer a full line of Austrian Moor-based skincare products for your daily self-care.

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