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Custom Label Program

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Moor Spa provides the option of custom labeling for customers who prefer to offer products with their own brand name, logo or image.

Using our in-house digital label printer and die-cutter, we can produce press quality full colour (4 colour process) waterproof vinyl labels cut to any desired shape. We can therefore offer much lower minimums than would normally be possible using commercial printing or silk screening. We can also print on clear vinyl to create a silk-screen look. Combined with our exquisite 100% Natural-Source skin-care, body-care and wellness products and elegant packaging, this presents a winning option for your spa. You can order as few as 12 pieces of any item and have them delivered with your own logo, graphics, fonts and colours ready to place on your shelf. You can also set your own pricing for these products.

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$100 One Time Set-Up fee

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Sell at Retail Pricing of Your Choice

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Customer Product Name Option Available

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Send us your logo as a PDF, JPG, TIF or EPS file (PC format) plus the contact details that you would like to appear and any PMS colours, graphics or fonts that you would like to appear on the labels. We will then create a prototype label which we will forward to you as a PDF file for your review. Once you are satisfied with the label design we will proceed to production. There is a one time $30 charge per product for this option.

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We will send you the product name, description, instructions for use and ingredients plus a die-line for the shape of the label. Your graphics department or contractor can then create your own label design. Simply submit the finished label as a PDF or EPS file along with a colour proof and we will then proceed to production.